Wedding Ready with Mr James.


We bring a taste of  Europe to our Groom's Suits, and we are specialized in fitting for hundreds of weddings every year all over the world.


All our suits are custom made and made to order - meaning every fitting for us is done with precision, care and passion.

We look at all the magical details catered around your wedding - from time of year, location, size of Groom (and Groomsmen), Skin tone and choose from various fabrics.

We appreciate that no wedding should ever be the same or replicated, and fully customize ever detail on the suit - we can even add the coordinates of where your getting married into the suit, along with initials or dates.

We have customized inside pockets with measurements for Cigars or Hip Flasks so they are hidden and protected we have even created signature lining with meaningful pictures.

Our suits have been featured on Televised Weddings, Wedding Blogs and we also work closely with Wedding planners.


For more information please contact Robb now through the contact page and we would be happy to hear any questions you may have.


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