We re delighted to announce as of May 1st 2019 we are now offering Made to Measure service for our suits, We have until now only ever made Half and full Bespoke suits which take 3-6 fittings per suit and the cost is 60%+ on our new Made to Measure.

The difference between the MTM (Made to Measure) is now we can offer 1 fitting and measurement and you can receive your suit in 3-4 weeks, made from the same workshop in France but with more machine work and less detailing as our Bespoke garments.


This is a perfect opportunity to enter the world of Made to Measure clothing and have fitted clothes and suits for half the price of our Bespoke Work.


Using our house wool Fabrics and having delivery direct to your door. - takes away allot of the stresses and time needed.


For more information contact us today at info@hellomrjames.com