How it works

1. Call in with you Inquiry - Any questions / requests - we are happy to hear from you.

2. We come to you - As our clients - we never expect you to bother with the hassle of Driving, Parking and stress of going out of your way - we come to you. Your home, work place - whatever fits in with you! 

3.After fitting we will work on the suit and then follow up with a Fitting and like phase 1 - we always come to you. Your welcome likewise to visit our Playa Vista Showroom.

4. Alterations and Adjustments are all included. we make sure the fit is like a glove and do as many fittings as needed. We also offer Pre Wedding Services - so if you order your suit more than 1 month prior - we would love to come and make sure its still 100% before your big day.