The Mr James Experience

We have ample years of experience and with our passion and dedication to Custom Clothes Making, we make this experience not only the best but your only one with us at Mr James.

1. Get in touch

We serve clients around the world on a regular basis for all seasonal wardrobe needs. Local clients are encouraged to schedule appointments in our Orange County showroom when time permits. However, we understand the challenge of getting to us, so we do often come to you to measure, fit and deliver new clothing throughout Southern California.

Mr James wardrobe is going to be the the ultimate expression of your individuality. A way to show the world what you're really made of. And it can be yours in four easy steps.

Your steps to a unique and fabulous styler

2. Contact Us

Our Client base is all around the world and on a regular basis serving all of your wardrobe needs. All of our local and LA based Clients are encouraged to schedule appointments in our space in Play Vista, CA whenever your availability permits.

However we are able to offer a call out service to your home or office for $250

3) Time to get Fitted

We would require around 1 hour of your time to come in and get measured when measuring we cover all body measurements - around 30 in total and evern discuss choice of shoes you would wear and offer free styling advice for all your needs.
We even find out where your phone is kept and check what colors suit your skin tone.

4)  Choose from exclusive fabrics

The fabrics are the number 1 component to the foundation of your style and what sets us from the rest when suit making.
Every season we update our fabrics and are the exclusive partner to many high end brands in Los Angeles - meaning we are the only tailor to offer certain fabrics because of our reputation and skill master tailoring

5) Delivery

We do firmly believe we are the best at what we do and the that the devil is in the detail. We do look for things that we can only associate in our eye and most people would not see or miss.
If any changes are needed we will tell you and make these changes and deliver the suit back to you or you can come in and try for yourself with our tailor Luis.