How to wear the same suit to work 5 ways!

One of the greatest pieces of advice i could give you is to allow your wardrobe to be shaped by your own personal style. That said, a wardrobe should always be built on a few common staples. Most men wear 10% of their wardrobe 90% of the time, so to start building a stylish wardrobe you should strip away the items left gathering dust and concentrate on a few good quality pieces instead.

You don’t have to be a big fan of shopping to be a man with style. You do, however, need to know what looks good on you and how to build on these items. A wardrobe doesn’t need a million different items in it to serve you well, so long as you purchase sensibly and with versatility in mind.

Consider for a moment the staple item of a good suit. Acting like body armour, a good suit gives you the confidence to take on the world. Well cut it serves as a second skin that can be paired with almost anything, making it one of the most sensible and long-lasting purchases you can make.

A two-button navy and two-button charcoal suit are the cornerstones of any suit collection. But whichever style of suit you start off with it`s easy to wear your suit in a number of different ways. Take Today Show host Karl Stefanovic, admitted he’d worn the same blue suit every day for an entire year without anyone noticing. The stunt highlighted just how versatile a good suit can be and also suggested that quality can be the key to surviving wear and tear.

Want to try a Stefanovic and get the most out of your suit? Then follow these tips.

1. Choose a dark suit

Pale, bright and patterned suits are great, but not if you’re wanting to wear your suit over and over again. An eye-catching suit will stand out and a light coloured suit will attract all sorts of stains. Most men that prefer dark suits rotate their suits, so providing you keep your suit in good condition, no one will ever notice.

2. Turn to accessories

Sometimes the small things make all the difference, and something as simple as changing your tie can completely change the look of your suit. Pair different ties with different shirts and the look will go even further. Another accessory you can use to mix up your look is the pocket square which can add a surprising twist to draw the mind away from the fact it’s the same suit you wore yesterday. For an even more eye-catching, attention-diverting feature, consider adding a lapel flower.

3. Change your shirt

Changing your shirt keeps you fresh, but think beyond buying multiples of what is essentially the same shirt. Think outside the box and change textures, colour, style, cuts and fabrics. Changing the texture of your shirt from a cotton slub to a pique can completely transform the look of your suit. Switching for a t'shirt from a collared shirt or knitted polo will change it even more. Cut close, teaming your two-piece with sportier items will give your suit a whole new identity.

4. Consider your shoes

A black investment shoe is a must when buying a new suit, but it’s not the only style of shoe you can wear. It’s certainly not the only color, with navy and charcoal suits both looking great with brown or burgundy shoes too. You could even throw in a red shoe with your navy suit.

Wearing a suit sock-less with a pair of loafers in summer is a great look, while winter calls for a pair of chunky brogues. Low-cut sneakers offer a good weekend look, as does a club sneaker.

5. Wear as separates

There’s no rule saying that both pieces of a two-piece suit must be worn at the same time, so separate them occasionally and team your jacket with a well fitting pair of jeans. This look won’t work so well with pin stripes, chalk stripes or hard colors like black, but if you’ve got a light grey or solid navy blue then you can definitely pull this look off.



How to wear your suit 5 ways!