How to Get the Girl: First Date Outfit Ideas for Under $100

One of those life lessons that for some reason you always end up learning the hard way is that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Sure she might have said yes when you asked her out at the gym, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be less than impressed if you show up to your date wearing your favorite “dress” sweats and Jordans. Asking a woman out on a real date is grown man behavior which means she’ll be expecting a grown man to show up. This doesn’t mean dressing boring or like someone you’re not, it literally just means looking like you put in a little effort. Keep reading for ideas on how your first date look can help you on your way to a second one.

Coffee & Chill

If your date is at lunchtime, you’re meeting up for coffee or any other activity that falls squarely in the realm of “casual”, then what you wear should be in keeping with the occasion. A high-quality v-neck, chinos and a sweater is a combo that works for any casual occasion. Especially because it’s a light kind of date, you want to look relaxed and while your go-to for casual might be denim, try your best to resist the urge. A pair of colored chinos instantly looks a lot more thought was put into the look, but they are still just as comfortable as jeans.

 How to Get a Girl

Best outfit for first date

Dinner Date

A dinner date doesn’t mean you need to go full-on formal wear. You want to look like you tried, not as you tried too hard. Nice dress pants, printed button down and loafers is a subtle, yet fashionable look that is sure to make an impression. Again, resist the urge to go all our formal unless that is truly your style. You run the risk of possibly out-dressing your date which might make her feel a little awkward.
You want to ensure that both you and your date are comfortable so this dark, sleek look checks all the right boxes.

Best outfits for date


A sporting event is a great first date idea, even if your dream girl isn’t a huge sports fan. After all, who doesn’t love excitement and adrenaline? For a date like this, some kind of sports paraphernalia complete with denim and sneakers will make a statement, in a good way. A jersey might be a bit over the top unless you’re trying to let her know that you are #LakerNation or die, but a nice subtle baseball cap or snapback will look appropriately sporty. This is one time when denim works so feel free to pull on your best fitting jeans and comfy kicks for a look that hits it out of the park.

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